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Coordenadas is a collection of ink drawings on paper that, folded in book form, narrate landscapes felt from afar. Since 2020, 308 massacres have been registered in Colombia with more than 1100 victims. Each of these 222 drawings is the story of the violated coordinates of the entire landscape victimized by violence: an empty landscape after the murder of a person between January and November 2022.

The elements that make up each book, the ink, the water, the calcium carbonate of the paper, the uncontrollable figures they form when they meet, also relate the complex interrelationships between human bodies, non-human animals, plant life, mineral, chemical, water bodies, mountainous bodies, valleys, jungles, clouds, all victims of authoritarianism. By naming only the coordinates where the massacres were perpetrated, the books invite us to see the landscapes devoid of human life, animal life that is part of the complex network of relationships for the existence of life itself. They invite, at the same time, to welcome a non-hierarchical, non-taxonomized nature, to think about and not to forget the massacred lives.

From the diaspora we feel how the violence that massacres human lives affects and massacres at the same time all non-human life, the mountains, the grass, the rivers, the insects, the fruits. And the fact is that oppressing or violating one form of life oppresses and violates all life. The coordinates are numbers that delimit a geographical space, and do not express the complexity of the life that grows or ends on them. The complexity of the relationships between soil, water, rocks, bacteria, lizards, cockroaches, humans, and their systems and structures that deny life, political structures that massacre for a mineral, a thought, a coordinate. The panorama left by state violence and political structures that hierarchize life, giving values to the bodies, to the spaces, to the fertile soil potentially exploited, violated, dried up. Human bodies, living, thinking, sentient, not as something different from nature, but as a vital part of it.

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