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research about living and inert matter

This artistic research project started during the summer school 2021 and my artistic residency at Cultivamos Cultura in the summer of 2021, it is an ongoing project that will be developed further in 2022.

What happens when the materials used in the artistic work are not alive, but exhibit behaviors of living beings, such as growth, respiration, nutrition, and reproduction? My research is based on work with sodium and chlorine crystals (salt), chemical elements that are also found in our human bodies. Also in the growth of rocks, such as the skeletons of corals, which are made of calcium carbonate, the same element that makes up our bones.
A series of experimental and abstract drawings, drawings made of "lifeless" elements that simultaneously grow, breathe, and reproduce themselves on paper. I did the first experiments of this series during my 2020 artist in residency at Cultivamos Cultura in Portugal with seawater, which contains so much salt that crystals form on the paper as the drawings dry.


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