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This installation is part of the project “The Nonessential Essential” which proposes a new fundamental force in nature that drives a carbon atom from its birth at the explosion of a massive star in space to its current state on the carbon cycle on earth. It follows the atoms and molecules to every appearance and incarnation they reach. At the same time, the installation is a representation of the melting ice caps on earth, and a metaphor of the topological traces they leave behind while putting carbon and its cycle on earth (atmospheric carbon, carbon as the main ingredient of life in organic chemistry, etc.) in the artistic realm and discourse.

The ice cube used specifically for this installation was made with water from the Danube. This way, the element of life plays a fundamental role in the development of the piece. It is not just the carbon that binds living molecules, it is also the life carried by the Danube river, the microorganisms, the microalgae, the connection of the bodies of water on the planet, and the way they are intertwined together.
There is a scientific and poetic correlation of the water in the river and the glaciers in the ice-caps of the planet, just as there is a metaphor of the flow of life in using this water for the installation. This way, it is not only the chemical elements in the ink, water, and paper that will play a role in the creation of the visual result, but also the fragments and residues from the organisms, pollution, and plants that cohabit the river, together with the
humans around it.
The resulting drawing is a documentation of the fragile space in which life and the elements interact.

This installation was shown during the Climate Impact Day 2021, Organized by Glacier at the MAK (Museum for Applied Arts, Vinnea) in September 2021.

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