Daniela Brill Estrada was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She finished her Master’s degree in Art & Science at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in June 2019. Daniela’s artistic and theoretical work focuses on the idea of in-disciplinarity (based on the research by Carlos Maldonado on sciences of complexity) and the wish to eliminate certain frontiers and boundaries aiming to find a space of queerness at many levels for creative processes and for the formation of new knowledge. Following the ideals of the hacker culture, Daniela’s work uses materials from the natural sciences, such as chemical elements in different forms to disclose the artist's theoretical statements about matter and nature among others. Her current focus is a poetical hypothesis about a new fundamental force in nature, written together with particle physicists from CERN, that states there is a force, common and intrinsic to every atom that is responsible for its decision-making mechanism. Daniela works in collaboration with scientific institutions such as Art at CMS at CERN, the HEPHY institute in Vienna, and the Cavendish Laboratories in Cambridge. Brill is the co-organizer of Suratómica, a network of organizations, groups, and individuals at an international level that, under the ideas of collaboration and openness of knowledge, and, with a focus on Latin America and the Global South, wants to contribute to the creation of new and better social structures through the propagation of scientific and artistic thought.