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The Force of Embodiment, a hypothesis about a fourth fundamental force in nature and the intrinsic capacity of matter to reincarnate


An artistic hypothesis about the existence of a fourth fundamental force in matter. Written from the perspective of an artist immersed in the scientific world, its language and theories and in collaboration with scientists from CERN. The artistic work, presented as a scientific journal and a collection of experimental drawings using special ink and paper, exposes the visualization and study of the hypothetical force, compared to the three known and proven forces, the weak or electromagnetic force, the strong force and the gravitational force. The proposed Force of Embodiment is impossible to prove scientifically but is coherent to the discourse of particle physics. Qualified as “poetic but not scientific” in the physics world, and being proud of this qualification, this hypothesis opens up a discussion on how far arts can imagine into the world of particle physics. 

Read the Abstract posted on the LEONARDO Abstract Service LABS here:

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