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During my artist in residence period at ISTA (Institute of Science and Technology Austria) in spring 2023, I had conversations with over 14 researchers in different areas, from asteroseismology, to soft matter physics and neurosciences.


This installation visualizes concepts like life-like behavior of matter, complex movements, the influence of natural forces, such as gravity and magnetism on bodies and materials, and most important, I propose to regard bodies as trajectories, and trajectories as visual proof of an information process. I also point out the potential of artistic practices for the exploration of scientific concepts using aesthetic tools, such as drawing, rhythms, and repetitions.


A trajectory is the visual proof of informational processes. Thereby, It is also the form and architecture of the materials that carry the information, the bodies of animals, minerals, and planets are, so, trajectories. Matter is originated and then builds every single body in the universe. Different from it being cyclic, it constantly exchanges information.


This project was exhibited at the exhibition "roots and trajectories": Link to the event

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